“New York ↔ Koweït : pratiques en réseau entre la plateforme DIS et la délégation GCC”

Joan Grandjean

29.10.22, 11:15 am

INHA, Walter Benjamin Room, Paris


Joan Grandjean will give a lecture for the next conference of Marges journal, at the INHA, Paris. Organized by Émeline Jaret (University of Rennes 2, France), the topic is articulated around the theme “Art and Work”. In this framework, he will discuss the connections and networking between the members of the DIS and GCC collectives between the cities of New York and Kuwait, before their formation and afterwards.


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GCC, L'air du temps, 2015. HD video installation, 7 mins, 25 secs. Edition of 5 plus I AP. As part of the exhibition "'Co-Wroker.' Network As Artist" curated by DIS, Musée d'art moderne de Paris, October 9, 2015 - January 31 , 2016.