"Reset" with Christian von Steffelin and Marwan Tahtah

An exhibition curated by Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouli

Art-Lab Berlin

Exhibition dates: 25 February - 6 March 2022


The exhibition “Reset” presents the works of two artists and two protest movements, one in Hongkong and one in Beirut. Both movements emerged from a variety of grievances of a political, economic and social nature and both show a population that rebels against arbitrariness and the abuse of power.

The works of Christian von Steffelin and Marwan Tahtah are documents of two important moments in recent history: they present the protesters in their urban environment, their strategies to circumvent state violence and their collective actions. They testify to the social and political commitment of citizens who are willing to take significant risks to fight for their rights. The exhibition is part of a new series of events focusing on activism, protests and revolutionary movements.

Venue: Art-Lab Berlin, Perleberger Straße 60, 10559 Berlin

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Marwan Tahtah (2019), from the series Revolution 17 October