9th Junior Lectures in Asian Studies 2020
Swiss Asia Society / Schweizerischen Asiengesellschaft

Swiss Middle East and Islamic Civilization Society / Schweizerischen Gesellschaft Mittlerer Osten und Islamische Kulturen

Organization: University of Geneva, Faculty of Arts, Departments of Mediterranean, Slavic and Oriental Studies (MESLO) and Department of East Asian Studies (ESTAS)

Location: online

Due to the particular situation, the Swiss-Asian Society's Asian Studies Days, planned for 2020, have been postponed to 2021. They will take place from May 30 to June 1, 2021.

Asian Studies: objects and questions

In their presentations, speakers will try to reflect on how they have constructed their object of study in relation to their discipline, how this object fits into it (state of the art), how their research is original, and more generally, how it contributes to enriching their discipline, or more generally Asian studies. They will also be able to discuss, based on the concrete case of their research, the relationship between theory and practice, the limits and difficulties posed by disciplinary or institutional cleavages (area studies vs. disciplines, for example), or the advantages and limits of interdisciplinary or new approaches such as the digital humanities.

Présentations by Manazir Members:

Panel 3: Art et documentaire contemporain: discours et positionnements (1:30-3:30pm)

- Zouina Ait Slimani (ENS/UNIGE) – La critique d'art en Irak (1930-1980) : histoire, méthodes et questionnements

- Negar Habibi (UNIGE) – L'occident, l'occidentalisme et l'art occidentalisant : un regard persan vers l'autrui

- Joan Grandjean (UNIGE) – Et si... des "futurismes arabes" en histoire de l'art ?

Panel 9: Nationalismes: approches interdisciplinaires (1:00-3:00pm)

- Ekin Akalin (UNIGE) – Étude interdisciplinaire de la peinture de paysage ottomane dans l'analyse du discours nationaliste


Access panel 3 and 9 by clicking on the following link.